Our natural environment is worth protecting. The exploration and industrial production of oil and gas is a risky business. We at Akela assist in minimising the risks and provide training and support in case of accidental spills and pollution response.

  1. We work closely with companies and experts, such as Lamor Corporation, who are leading global providers of spill response equipment and expertise. We provide accredited IMO spill response training.
  2. We can fit our training programs to best suit our customers needs and requirements. Our training assignments have taken us all over the world, from the ice regions to the tropics. We train governmental institutions, oil companies and also various interest groups related to oil & gas industry. We also incorporate pollution response and environment protection in our oil & gas skills training programs.
  3. We deliver a dynamic approach to PPP projects, preparedness and training. We help our partners and customers to be successful in consistently developing winning PPP services.

We have unbeatable track record with the European Maritime Safety Agency, EMSA. We help our partners in all aspects with the vessel availability and service contracts. Our concept approach has been successful in all published tenders since 2008.